OS X - The First Encounter

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

So I finally get my hands on a working Mac with OS X installed. The road started surprisingly and got pretty winding before I ended up here, writing this on this iBook. Suddenly one day mom had an iBook purchased through school that she hadn't even turned on yet but didn't mind me taking a look at and setting up for her. Of course I couldn't say no, and in all I think that was a very good thing. It turned out that the iBook had some kind of problem and wouldn't read any CDs which made it annoyingly impossible to get through initial setup. After a call to tech support I ended up sending the whole thing in for checkup, and about two weeks later I picked it up from the post office again. It worked! Only started up OS 9 though, which wasn't at all what I was there for. Reboot and run the restoration CDs.

Wheee! OS X here I am!