Holidays beginning

Date: 2009-07-17 17:07:47 Created: 2009-07-17 13:00:50

And so my holidays have arrived. Time to sit back, lie down, catch up, rest, recover and whatnot. So far this afternoon I am not doing too well, I have been doing things more or less constantly, giving myself little time to feel that I really am on holiday for the four coming weeks. In retrospect even the eating of my Ben & Jerrys cookie dough seems a little rushed, even if it was quite enjoyable while it lasted.

In any case, I think I will feel more off work after a night's sleep, and even more so on Monday when I am bound to notice that I do not need to head to the office.

One could say that I have relaxingly few plans for my holiday, and one would be right. No big projects or long trips planned, a few possible geeky projects to investigate if so desired, and not a single care about how the weather turns out. Rain and 10 degrees celsius will be just as nice to me as sun and 25. I am even looking forward to a really cold and rainy day or two.

I have a few board-related things to take care of as well, but they all are really short and simple and can probably be finished within a day if I really try to.

But hey, I am on holiday. I am meant to take it easy, right?