4/4 2009

Date: 2009-04-04 10:22:05 Created: 2009-04-04 06:09:59

All right, what an excellent way to start the day! Waking up earlier than I expected, lying in bed writing a bit with the window open, sunlight, air and morning sounds streaming in and then, along with coffee and sandwiches, watch Gerald Jay Sussman don a jacket and fez and introduce the magic of eval to a magnificiently computer-cheezy version of Also sprach Zarathustra and well-earned applause. If you only watch one part of the Structure and interpretation of computer programs lecture videos, I say it should be part 7.a.

In search of an editing solution

Last night I finished the book Pragmatic thinking and learning, in my second sitting. I had a great time through it, and I feel like I am applying or am on my way to applying several of the tips and methods in the book. I keep on practising my morning writing, and after the above lecture I spent some time investigating and thinking about personal wiki solutions. I keep going around in circles on that subject, because I want something which is simple to use, adds value and never gets in the way of extra-wiki sorting and managing of my texts. That is, I want my files to be as plain as poissible. That is an easy part, several solutions accomplish this already. But, I also don’t want any wiki solution I apply to keep me from having my documents somewhat sorted into folders and/or renamed for clarity. In a way, each link may as well mean a Spotlight search is performed …

Also, to be perfect the wiki solution and its features should work from anywhere. I want to create and edit in any text editor (my current favourite is Textmate, but that may well change one day, and I don’t always have it on hand), and be able to use all of whatever editor’s features, but how much use is a fancy wiki frontend if I have to switch between editing and viewing/browsing? There are some promising TextMate wiki bundles, right now the plain text wiki bundle seems most right for me, but they all impose a bit of rules. And as soon as you provide some way of opening a window with a nicer page/link rendering you’ve got that switch between viewing and editing again, and you’re creeping up on the editing feel of web forms.

I don’t think my thinking is quite finished on this subject yet … My last thought is to use the plain text wiki bundle to create navigable “sub-wikis” in appropriate folders and see how that works. I also think I can use the export features of it to easily create versions for entry on my site.


The Markdown bundle in itself gets me a long way … Markdown is just the right amount and style of markup for me, and I can easily export it to HTML which is nice and clean and perfect to just paste into my site.

So, do I need this wiki thing at all between Markdown with export, folders and Spotlight? We’ll see … Always in motion the mind is …

Other targets for the day

Soon Martin will drop by, delivering colas for future testing. Then, I think it’s time to venture out into the sun and perhaps make a purchase or two.