Pleo play

Date: 2009-02-19 16:24:46 Created: 2009-02-18 16:15:43

It's been one of those afternoons where you look up around this time and wonder where the time after work went. Granted, I have been feeling a bit ill, and I'm still unsure if the illness intends to get worse before it gets better, and if so by how much. So right after coming home I simply made a pot of red tea and sat down with a movie.

I watched it on Pomum, of all things.
I don't seem to have anything else which plays region 1 DVDs ...

In any case it suited the occasion pretty well - seated in the sofa, wrapped in blankets, drinking hot tea and watching my movie on a small screen close by.

So, that was time well spent.

Then I decided to try and play around with Pleo programming. Or, more correctly, the available tools for scripting behaviours. What I would really like to do is just add a behaviour or two to the default. It seems like the currently available tools replace the whole set of actions. So if you just create one action bound to one event and put it on an SD card you get a pleo which does only one thing.

So it seems, at least. I don't think the SD cards are on my side. Gob has liked to lock up whenever I put a card in him with a new personality. Right after the battery ran out of power I realized that the cards I've been using are actually smaller than what Ugobe recommend. They say 32 megabytes or more, but less than a gigabyte, ir good, and my test cards have actually been 16 megabyte ones.

Yes, I was surprised too at how small those spares were.

So now I've got the pleosaurus rex personality on a 512 megabyte card, ready to try when the battery's full again. It might just work ... Or it's just some other thing being fishy.

While playing around with those things, I also had a nice dinner on pea soup with mustards and two crisp bread slices with cheese to go with it. Tasted really, really good.

I also happened to gobble up the last ice cream serving for some reason ... I feel like my sugar cravings have gone up a bit recently, and my tendency to give in to them (and my enabling of giving in to them, by buying candy and cookies and stuff) is also up ... Odd that. I should try to get more fruit and eat that for candy ...

I also surfed rather aimlessly for a bit (that thing I always want to cut down on) and watched a TED talk. Then I took a warm shower, after which I did this:

Trying to prevent Gob from slipping too much on smooth surfaces.

Tadaaa, my first attempt at improving my pleo. I didn't have anything rubbery at home (and nothing like hobby glue either, come to think of it) but I still wanted to try doing something to improve Gob's grip on surfaces. So that's the first attempt, we'll see if that makes any difference ...

... again, as soon as the battery's recharged ...

An evening focused soley on Okami really seemed to have more hours than one slightly split up between things like this. But then, I'm a little ill and kind of tired too, so I think I can safely blame that. And now I'm off to bed.

Can I be well tomorrow, please?