Brain training

Date: 2009-02-01 11:02:52 Created: 2009-02-01 05:12:04

The clock has just passed eleven, I think it's about time to try and get my brain going. I've enlisted the help of tea and a large bowl of fruit and yoghurt in the endavour.

Breakfast bowl of fruit and yoghurt.

As a general rule, there's enough fruit in a bowl if I have trouble getting the yoghurt in there.

I spent last night at a quite great birthday party, meeting interesting new people and having a little too much to drink. I have slight warnings of dehydration and a respectably deep and worn tone to my voice to show for it.

The temperature dropped several degrees into minusland during the night. When I began my walk home, I found to my surprise that not only was quite a lot of beautiful snow falling, it was also staying in snow form on the ground. In short, it felt like proper winter, and it gave the walk a special feel. As it was late at night and the snow had fallen relatively quickly, I actually found myself leaving the very first footsteps in many places. Late-night streets take on a whole new and serene character when you find yourself the pioneer leaving your mark on the canvas.

In some places I wasn't first of course. I saw some really ... interesting bicycle tracks in one place. The ... path taken made me feel glad I was only there after the fact, as being near the maker on his or her bike probably wouldn't have felt very safe.

But I suppose that person had been to a good party too.

Leaning to the right

My dock, sitting on the right side of the screen.

On Thursday or Friday, I suddenly found myself moving my dock to the right side of the screen at work. I found myself liking it a lot. So now I have the same setup at home too. Things feel a little bit fresher again.

Also feeling surprisingly fresh is TextMate, the fifth icon from the top. I got my license close to the end of the work week and have only played around a bit and browsed the manual, but just seeing the icon makes me inexplicably happy and slightly excited.

Noon is upon us! There is still snow drifting through the air and snow on the ground making the world bright and a bit fuzzy. But I have no plans to go outside whatsoever (though the thought of ordering pizza has a bit of appeal). This is going to be one good slow Sunday in my sphere of influence.