Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Monday and Tuesday just passed by in a quick blur of work. We performed a Major Upgrade during the weekend, so I helped out with the resulting support load. Happily, nothing particularly ugly happened, so as things wound down today things started feeling pretty much under control and the piles of calls and e-mails were all worked through and answered. A few things linger, and there are of course a whole pile of new feature requests, but the Catastrophic Bug you always fear has not reared its head and so it seems Paniced Patches can be completely avoided.

And tomorrow
I get to open a present!

So: it's good to be home.

Another modern life annoyance

The frustrating wait for you email and newsfeeds to download while you're walking home so that you won't have to sit down and check them once home.