6/9 2008

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Real stuff

So September came storming in, and the colour change on my site clearly signals that summer is over. It's been a really nice work week. A lot of good direction has been set recently, and I've made good progress toward what we've planned. I've also spent two days at the Gothenburg office, with two more coming up next week. A bit of work travel every now and then is nice.

Not to mention a hotel breakfast ...

The weekend started off in pretty much the best way imaginable too.

It's nice to meet new people.

And right before that I again managed my fastest run so far. I'm wondering if that time might be the new peak, guess I'll find out tomorrow. I can't keep improving every single time for very long, no matter how nice it is.

And today I've pretty much just lazed around; doing laundry, throwing out trash and refilling the food supplies a bit. If it's a resting day it is.

I plan to celebrate my Sunday by sleeping until I wake up, exercising and possibly having a really good dessert sometime during the day. We'll see if any kind of revenge is put upon me, it's been promised in the vaguest of terms so I can only hope.

Geeky stuff

On Wednesday I finally got my iPhone, after a surprisingly long series of misunderstandings and troubles about ordering, delivery and various related paperwork. It's all I thought it would and wouldn't be so far, so we get along pretty great. Still, I'm eagerly looking forward to what future updates might bring in the way of common phone functionality like ... you know, MMS and stuff ...

Hanging around with one of work's thinkpads I was able to give Google Chrome a good run pretty much as soon as it became available. I quickly grew to like the minimalist interface and it felt nice and snappy even on that old laptop. But the really interesting test will be to see what I think when it shows up looking all non-native on OS X ... On Windows I somehow like it, but ... well, we'll just see.