Almost like a book review

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Have you ever read a book somewhere in the crime/murder mystery marshes and suddenly found yourself wondering

why did the writer put a murder mystery and policemen in this?

It felt novel at first, but I'm up to my third time and book now so I assume lots of other people have had the same thought at one time or another.

There's an interesting story, a good setting, interesting things going on between interesting people. The writing style feels cosy, entertaining and somehow homely.

And then there is murder.
For some reason.

I did know before I started that it was supposed to be some kind of crime story, but nevertheless found myself disappointed when it turned out to be true.

Even the policeman was a good character, but still there were the usual motions of policemen digging into mysterious cases and coming across brutal murders eventually. I guess everything else about the book was better and more interesting than the supposed centre of the story.

Is it because murders sell authors cram them into their stories?

Is it because they can't think of any other driving narrative to place their otherwise believable and interesting characters in?

Or is it some kind of smart joke or commentary? In the earlier two cases I might have leaned toward something like the two above explanations, but this one somehow feels a bit too intelligent to do it because it's easy and sells. I could be wrong, but it would be nice not to be.

The book in question? Håkan Nesser's Människa utan hund. It was a great read. I just wonder why the murder thing was put in there ... But then he says himself he only writes what he likes to read, and that's a perfectly good explanation to me. I guess I should read some of the things he's written when he didn't feel like writing about murder and policemen ...

Well, off to bed. I've got 600 or so pages about murder and vampires coming up ...

(Yes, I've been having a really good reading period the past week or so. It might run out after the next book, but I won't mind if it stays longer. I've got some more stuff within reach.)