Catching up

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

There were a few things I thought I might do today, but a few good things turned up which I hadn't expected at all.

First, I have been sleeping slightly poorly recently. Not outrageoulsy so, but I've been late to bed and still woken up relatively early in the morning feeling I couldn't sleep more. By yesterday I was feeling mostly recovered from my cold and also switched to a somewhat thinner blanket, but otherwise nothing felt different when I got to bed at about midnight.

So, I was happily surprised to find the clock approaching 10:30 when I got out of bed.

In the time since then I've discovered and already got halfway through Little Brother, Cory Doctorow's latest book. It's focused on privacy and what is happening with it in the current world. It shows what could happen, in the US or elsewhere, with a few more crackdowns, painting a crystal clear picture of why it would be extremely bad, yet not forgetting to make the good guys human and non-perfect. It's a great and short read, and it's also free to download so you have no excuse for not following the external link and getting it.

I also find myself delighted and excited by finding out an acquaintance of mine just quit its job. I like my own job and feel no need to quit, but for some reason thoughts of possibly losing my job has always filled me with calm excitement rather than cold fear or worries. The world is full of great possibilities, so even if my current situation went away there are countless more I could find which could be just as good or even better.

Plus, the sun is shining, it's not too hot and there's a load of wine and beer cooling in my fridge.