Our echo chamber

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Our very own echo chamber

I'm amazed at how much echo we get out of this room when it's empty and somewhat torn down. If you close the door and knock it, you might think there's a cave or something behind the door. Kind of a neat effect, but perhaps not worth the extra clutter in the other rooms ...

Let there be spring winter spring

Winter weather, with actual snow, in Lund

For a little while, we had winter. It might come back some more this week, but for right now the snow is pretty much gone again.

No spam, please!

Mail application sticker on our mailbox

Thanks Niclas! I got that, and a whole lot more, in a surprise mailing yesterday, but this is the first one I've thought of a place to put. Nice stickers can be surprisingly hard to quickly come up with great places for.

Evernote - the application for me?

Through podcasts and websites and another podcast I found out about Evernote last night. It's an app to keep track of everything you come across and want to note, and keep it in sync across computers and devices. It's in intivation-only beta right now, and I'm, kind of impatiently, waiting/hoping to be accepted into it. We'll see.