Firepower International - indecisive scam artists

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Firepower International make and market fuel additives with totally unverified claims of improved efficiency. The venerable Daniel Rutter, of excellent site, has been quite frank in pointing out the various things they're wrong about, and also the various things they could actually do to rather easily prove their claims have any merit. He's also linked to various other news sites publishing about Firepower.

Firepower has responded by variously sending him promotional pdfs and threats. The pdf came from Firepower's Australian CEO, and the threats afterwards came to his blog host and was about demanding said pdf be removed from his site.

Here's a zipped version of the pdf file. Follow the externals for the torrent, and Dan's other posts about Firepower.

If you don't catch my drift: the world would be a better place without fraudsters like Firepower International and their likes.

Better days

On the subject of actual, beautiful and also useful, products, the Drobo is feeling Apple-ishly tempting to me.