Chatting to the net

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

Walked home, high on coffee and sweet, sweet chocolate ice cream

and re-discovered how
better music can sound in better headphones

and with volume a bit higher than usual.

I am trying to get myself some more of the stuff through iTunes right now, but it seems something is being fishy about my connection to the store ...

I am slurping Xcode and its friends into Aura as well, with Cocoa on my mind.

And graphical user interfaces in general, perhaps even more than Cocoa.

UPS delivered one of those cheapie "if you bought a Mac less than five seconds before we released Leopard"-upgrade DVDs today, which is where Xcode is coming from.

Downloading a gigabyte
much fun.

Anyways, why can't someone make Apple give us the option to have things delivered by our own postal service company Posten? As fancy as to-door delivery sounds in theory, as annoying is it in reality to come home to a notice that they attempted to deliver your stuff well after you went to work and well before you came back home. Every. Single. Time. Then you either have to hang around at home the next time they try to deliver or go through the extra hassle and wait of changing delivery address to work.

Had they instead allowed us to pick Posten delivery small things would have landed in our mail while larger stuff would have gone to the nearest pickup point (usually a nearby convenience store) where you can fetch things at wildly exotic times, such as "after work". Posten also supports SMS delivery notification, so you can be told at said work that your package is waiting for you.

How hard could it be?