Sunday afternoon

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

On the weekend

It's Sunday, it's rainy, I have a cold and I guess I ought to fix something to eat, all by myself.

A pretty nice day in all, I feel.

A pretty darn nice weekend too, actually. Said cold does make me feel ill, but it's the kind that's more putting that certain illness edge to things rather than disabling you into a feverish, energy-sapped heap in bed.

On making notes

I recently rediscovered my Palm in the basement. The Rex was what I was really looking for, but I brought the Palm and its cradle up as well. It didn't take too long before I started entering a few memos on it, and now I've even installed Palm Desktop on Windows again.

Not on OS X though. I don't want the clunkiness of Palm Desktop and the messy sync process again. Just getting things speedily offloaded in Windows once in a while is more than enough. While being able to sync notes off of the Palm is indeed a good thing, it's not nearly as important to me as you might think. Getting things down, out of my head and onto ... screen ... is the really key bit.

Back to making notes, I'm thinking the slowness of Graffiti jotting compared to keyboard typing might be a good thing in itself, in that it lets the brain easily keep up with the pace at which words appear and process things more along the way.

(I still don't enjoy letter recognition mistakes. Not all slowdowns are judged equally ...)

Besides, most things I write there are so short they're extremely easy to reproduce on a keyboard in short order.

On my computers

My fondness of Leopard is increasing, despite the fact that I run into little snags and things that don't work every now and then. Why does my image uploading folder action seem broken for example? What's up with Inkscape and X11? Why didn't they fix keychain naming when you upgraded? Why didn't iTunes hide itself before I relaunched it just now? Why did Terminal freeze and consume all CPU every time I launched it before my last reboot? Why do I bundle all this with Leopard when individual applications are just as or more likely to be the direct problems? I'm starting to like the look of the dock, and I've even (gasp!) put three stacks in my dock. Also, I think I'm moving back toward more mouse usage again. Clicking on stacks to get to things is decent when the computer is fast (on Pomum it was too slow) and the folders are tidy.

I'm having this fun Java and OS X problem with combo boxes. Editable comboboxes created using Swing simply look broken on OS X. Have a look:

Broken editable combobox in Java Swing on OS X.

Look at me, I look broken and I don't line up with my non-editable buddies! Anyone has a solution? Certainly, no single person who writes online seems to have had the same problem. So I'm thinking it's either stupidly simple to work around or fix, or we're the only people in the world wanting to use editable comboboxes in Swing on OS X.

Seems about 50/50 to me.

I've stopped myself from diving straight into random browsing (i.e. loading Slashdot) several times. Also good.

I combined podcast listening with a bit of Inkscape doodling, and sometimes somewhat decent things come out:

Small blob silhouettes

I'm thinking of using those or similar things around the site. A few more graphical touches here and there, and perhaps trying to tie things together more. Could be nice, yes?

Now, I seem to recall myself mentioning food a few hundred words ago ...