17/9 2007

Date: 2008-11-02 11:52:02 Created: null

The best way to think of meaningful stuff to do at your computer still seems to be stepping away from it for a moment.

My throat had another dash of feeling possibly-going-to-be-sore. It seems to have all but disappeared already, and I wonder what it's all about. Really efficient response to infection? A sensation to do with temperature? Weather? Moisture? In any case it has appeared a few times during the past month or so, and it's never turned into anything at all.

I made a bit more progress in Yoshi's Island tonight, and in very short bursts as usual. I realized a few things:

It seems Robert Jordan passed away. He didn't actually finish the Wheel of Time before going, but he seems to have been much closer to done than I would ever have guessed. And he managed to round it off in only twelve books! That would be 24 in the Swedish tradition of splitting each book in two, and I honestly don't remember at all how far I got before I gave up. Six Swedish books? Eight? There was nice stuff in there for sure, but I honestly don't miss keeping up with them at all, and I feel more inclined to read a summary of the remaining plot than plowing through all those pages.

But each to his own.