Morning routines

January 30, 2023

Maja - our miniature dachshund - has very firm opinions on the way things should be.

This morning, she bounced out of bed as soon as I started making breakfast, had some water, then went over to the door to show that it was time to go out. That over with (and dark shadows in various corners thoroughly barked at), I went on with my breakfast expecting her to go back to bed. But no, instead she came rushing over, jumped at me to get my attention, backed off a bit and barked. Walking toward her to see what it was all about, she backed off, barked again, and ran over to the door to the living room.

Of course.

🐶: It took some work to get the stupid human to the right position, but now it is on the couch where it should be, so that I can curl up in its lap and sleep some more. Tea drinking and light computing is allowed, but do not rush to be anywhere else, okay?