More noise

January 29, 2023

The new noise is the old noise. My journey with Mynoise has continued since last time I wrote about it, and it is all good. I have tried to vary my choices a little bit, and so the fireplace now gets quite regular competition from distant thunder (with rain, of course), and sometimes sea waves too.

I did make one detour through a japanese garden as well, but that was a bit too much of a real soundscape. Pleasant to bet sure, but I noticed it too much.

The dog is doing Sunday evening right as always - curled up into a ball next to me on the couch, gently snoring every now and then, sometimes getting up and stretching a little before curling right back up again. I have had a slightly slow and grumpy day myself, but it seems like I managed to finally shake myself out of that mood with a little bit of weekly review. That in turn led me to knocking a few small actions off of my lists, and suddenly everything felt better again.

Reviewing reviews

It is not that my weekly review is very large or demanding, but my checklist for it has gathered enough items that it is starting to feel large. On average, I can burn through the review quite quickly, but if more than a few items demand more thinking and doing, it can certainly become a much longer exercise all of a sudden.

What I am trying to do in response is to spread review-like thinking throughout the week. Not in a scheduled way, but rather simply remind myself that reviewing things is always an option - and a good one too - when choosing what do to next.

The other trick is of course to remember to let the review generate actions rather than feel actions should be performed right away as the review happens. This I am decent at, but some things require a good think-through to generate actions. I guess I could also put in "think about" actions, and add to the project list of course. But when a review point starts spawning thoughts, it feels good to be able to dive in to that for a while, capture what wants to be capture, and then come back up, rather than trying to put something all too brief into an action or a project.

Thinking takes time and focus, who knew?

So; when in doubt: review.

Cotting along

This is the second day of writing my post in Coteditor, and my impression is still very, very good. Compared to other text editors I have used the last few years, it is so wonderfully, refreshingly, relaxingly native. The settings pane is full of actual settings! With check boxes and options, instead of a sea of JSON you can edit however you want. It seems to do everything I did with Sublime text, and I also like the look better. The default colour scheme feels both familiar and new. My one problem at the moment is deciding which font size I want. The default 13 points does feel a bit too small for my eyes, but it also somehow looks more pleasing than when I bump the size up a few notches?

Oh, it supports scripting too (and auto save of versions, and respects system settings for tabs if you want it to). And has actual builtin help, something so often missing in apps that I forget it ought to be there.

There should be a badge web sites for Mac-assed Mac apps could use.

I still have not managed to find a way to give the project any of my money, guess I will have to dig deeper.

(The dog briefly woke up to investigate suspicious barking in the distance outside. This was very taxing, it did not manage to make its way back to the couch cushion and instead fell asleep on the back of the couch next to the window. Good to be right at the observation post if the alarm is raised again, I suppose.)