Welcome to the social

I have to start by noting that Niclas' blog now has a RSS feed, along with a great post on that and related subjects.

This marks the end of my feature requests, on with our scheduled programming:

In a highly unusual turn of events, I not only spent the working day at the office, I will also spend tomorrow there. And, I will be attending a meetup in the evening. I am not sure when something like this last happened, but I expect all my social circuitry to be completely fried come Thursday morning.

Not at all in a bad way, to be clear. It is all good to rebuild those muscles just a little bit.

Heck, even being away from home for that many hours is quite exotic.

As far as I can recall at the moment, this will be the second meetup I attend after the pandemic times. There was a time when I tended to recognize a lot of people attending developer meetups, but I suspect that era is well past now. I do know some people who will attend, but that does not matter all that much. I have greatly enjoyed attending many meetups where I have known little about the topic as well as everyone attending. If you find a meetup which seems even remotely interesting: just go there and hang out. You will get some new ideas, and most likely hang out with some new and nice people you would never have ran into otherwise.

(I could have sworn I had already used this post title, but I guess not.)