New mornings dawn (again)?

My mornings used to be laser focused on just getting up and taking the most efficient steps in the most efficient order to get myself to work. And "To work" of course always included getting to the actual office back in those days.

Now, years of mainly working for home have turned my once efficient morning routines into something of a flexible mush, with the one clear effect that I usually start actually working much later than I theoretically could.

100 days to offload added another unexpected step to the morning. For a few days, the routine was this:

Get up, get a cup of tea, get the family machinery going, then spend a bit of time finishing up and publishing the day's post here before diving into work.

I am not ready to call that a lasting change, especially not since a few recent mornings put my (lack of) focus on other things, but I would not mind. More time spent thinking and writing usually means less time spent on random reading and listening (that is, random web browsing and filling up the podcast listening queue with random things as it runs out). I do not think I will be able to trick myself completely out of checking media, Slack, email, and other random inboxes in the morning. But it sure would not hurt to move even a little bit in that general direction. More time for the brain to unclench.

I do not think this slower morning thing is bad, except for when I give myself that gnawing feeling that I should have got started on the work day even earlier. I am mostly just replacing commute time with other activities, and I suspect they fulfil the same important role of forming a mental transition from asleep to at work.