I have got a lot of positive things out of Twitter cratering. Mastodon has completely taken over everything I got out of Twitter, and feels like a fresh and exciting place to be. I follow more people, and a much wider variety of people, and everything feels a lot more human. There is no algorithm trying to force-feed me, enrage me, or try to get me to spend more time on things I did not intend.

Now, I would like to see the kind of app development and experimentation we had back when Twitter was a fresh and exciting place. Mastodon and the technologies upon which it builds can be used in so many more ways than Twitter, there definitely must be a million interesting and useful ways to build a window toward that world. All the tools are out in the open, and none of us have had the time to settle in our app ways yet.

Mastodon is new and exciting and we are all figuring it out together.

All of this has come up over and over in recent podcasts I have been part of, and even though it is caused by so much dumb, rash, or plain bad stuff, I can not help but feel more excitement than anything else. All the still good things were ground to dust much quicker than I had expected, so now looking forward is all there is. And how can that not feel exciting?

(Oh look, I still had a Twitter link in the header and footer. Begone, little link, you had your good times.)