Of sand and men

There is a point in Being Flynn where the film switches over to Robert De Niro's character, and one of the firdt lines he says is something like "Don't worry, you're in the hands of a master storyteller."

That is how I felt as I settled in for what ended up being binging the first season of the Sandman in two evenings.

It would of course be more fair to say "master storytellers" because it is great people doing great work all the way down, but it is Neil Gaiman's stories we are all here to watch leap into motion, animated off of the comic book pages by the best resources of modern television series.

It all works, every second of it. From sweet moments and little jokes to graphic gore and everything inbetween, and everything looking just as brilliant as you would hope for a high-budget adaptation of a comic book.

Last night a friend and I ended up having a discussion about how currently movies especially are all about safe bets, giving the audiences what they want and expect rather than trying to push envelopes or take new paths. I had to admit - to myself especially - that Sandman is a brilliant example of this. As excellent as it is in every way, making a very faithful adaptation of a brilliant comic is still a kind of safe bet. I and so many others went in with a single fear: that they would have ruined what was good with the comic. We love that it came through all Gaiman, all faithful to the original ideas.

Is it not a sad state of affairs where you can be left this excited by a piece of media not breaking what was good about its sources?

All this does not in any way lessen my appreciation of and love for the result. I will take all the seasons they give me as long as they keep this level. Please and thank you.