Airpods back

The charging case for my Airpods pro broke down and stopped charging a month or so ago. This was rather inconvenient for earbuds which can not be charged by themselves, a fact which had for some reason not really struck me before.

The repair process was only noteworthy in that it took a long time for "replacement parts" - i.e. a completely new case - to be delivered. In total, including almost two weeks where holiday travel made me unable to pick them up - I think I was without them for about a month.

The revelation in the whole experience was just how nice it was to have them back.

While they were gone, I went back to using whichever felt most convenient of my old wired Apple earbuds and my over-ear wireless and noise cancelling Sony MDR-100ABN.

The earbuds felt somewhat medieval, with the auto-tangling wire and the clicker surprisingly eager to invoke Siri when I was just trying to play or pause.

The Sonys on the other hand, I love in so many ways. They are comfortable, the batteries last and last, they have distinct physical buttons for control, and the noise cancelling is great. But they are also bulky, feel somewhat excluding to the rest of the world, and their easiness on my head mean that it does not take too much head movement to displace them. And the foamy earcups are completely out whenever there is any risk of an activity making me sweat to any degree.

All of this was things I noticed while waiting for my Airpods to return, but none of it felt like a huge issue. I had been living that life for years before the Airpods, and it did not feel to bad this time either. Waiting did not feel like a pain. Perhaps I did not really need them?

Then I got them back and put them in.


This was what using them was like.

The snugness in my ears, that little change in tone as the noise cancellation kicks in, the quick connection, the always being charged out of the case … the whole Airpod life is just so nice. Oh, I should add the speed at which I can put them on and put them away too, neither the Sonys nor the wired buds come anywhere close no matter how good I become at cable management.

Do I need airpods? No. Can I live happily without them? Most definitely. Are they worth the money and do they make my life better? Absolutely.

This is what Apple products should be all about.