'Tis the season of work

My mind was slow, very slow, shifting into work gear after the summer vacation. It did, eventually, but I seem to have retained more of a vacation mindset than usual. I find myself slipping right back into vacation mode as soon as a weekend starts. Monday morning becomes this abstract fuzzy thing which can neither be reasoned about nor prepared for, and remains so pretty much until the alarm goes off.

Strange, but nice. I would not mind if that became my new normal. Perhaps it is the whole dog ownership thing forcing me to become a bit more grounded in things outside of work, and even outside of computers?

Hello gigabytes

I recently started listening to Hello internet, a long-running podcast which seems to be - at least - on hold right now. I will not find out for quite some time, because I decided to start from the beginning, thinking I might replicate the great calm I felt listening to Cortex from the beginning last winter. So far so good, I am up to episode 13 and find myself largely prefering more of Hello internet as opposed to my regular subscriptions.

Because I have strange habits, I like to download a large batch of episodes at a time, so that they are just there in my playlist like any others. After a downloading spree last night, I returned to the home screen to discover a red badge on System preferences: I was running low on storage.

No worries, I will clear out space rather rapidly. Taking a look in Overcast, I discovered two things:

That data usa page gave some interesting information. Over the last month, I have downloaded 14,8 gigabytes worth of episodes. Granted, I am pretty sure I have got more listening time in over the holidays, but I was definitely expecting Hello internet to be an even larger chunk of the total.

Do I consume 8 gigabytes of podcasts every month?

Is that good or bad?

So many questions!

Keyboarding status

I am trying, ever so slightly, to think more actively about my keyboard usage. Again. Minding finger positioning a bit more, trying to use just a few more keyboard shortcuts instead of reaching for a pointing device, that sort of thing. Nothing dramatic, but it feels good, and some improvement is noticeable. I am still mainly using my KBD4X, when I am not mindlessly tapping on my work machine's builtin keyboard, the Kyria patiently waiting for the next time my urge for a split layout strikes.

It still surprises me that I have happily been using home-row modifiers on this keyboard without needing to copy my painstakingly discovered custom keypress timings from the Kyria. On the Kyria, my feeling was that I absolutely needed them in order not to input the wrong commands precisely all the time. But on this keyboard, everything seemingly just works out regardless. I wonder if I simply adapted while using the Kyria, so that my fingers now automatically stay within the needed limits? Or, prehaps purely mechanical differences are enough to balance the problems I had before? Since I soldered the Kyria myself, I can easily imagine this keyboard being rather more well put together. And of course the switches are different too, these ones requiring just a bit more force might account for the whole difference all by itself.

The dog is very used to my clicky keys, happily sleeping in its crate right next to the desk.