Ends in sight

Today, the region of Västra götaland finally opened up vaccinations to people of my general age group. It seems to have taken longer to get here than in pretty much any other region of the country, but our turn did come.

I was … curious to see how the systems would handle the load of my generation competing for available times, but I did manage to get a spot within a reasonable amount of time.

The system was clearly under stress though.

At first, not even the Bankid-based login would work.

Then, I managed to sign in a couple of times, but eventually got dumped to a Cloudflare error page when connections timed out.

Then the actual page with available times actually loaded, and I could start trying to click times marked as available in order to book one.

At first, it seemed not even the links worked. That seemed to be because they were not actual simple links. Instead, clicking one fired off some request to see if that time was still available, an operation which timed out multiple times for me. It did not seem to do much good either, because a few times I actually managed to fill out and submit the reservation form, only to be informed at that point that the time was no longer available.

Just because a page looks simple does not mean it works well. Or quickly.

But I got my time in the end, so I am happy. A time for the second shot was automatically booked as well, and even that one fell on a date which I can make.

So … I guess I can start to make up for a year of missed hugs before the summer is over? Will hugging random strangers be a thing this autumn?

Also: becoming re-aquainted with the colds of others.

Another end in sight

The spring semester of work. Normally, I take at least a couple of days to truly switch from work mode to holiday mode. This year, though, I feel as if I have got a head start on holiday mode of a month or more.

Yesterday, we had our summer party at work as well. Things are going well, but it feels as if I have not had a longer holiday in ages.

It is not all ends though

Far from it.

Puppy sleeping on my lap Puppy sleeping on my lap

For example, this unreasonably cute little dog is now part of the family. Her name is Maja, and she likes to sleep in my lap as well as chew on my hands when her manic biting mode sets in.

We are having fun together. Sometimes one of us more than the other, but still.