Coffee break

Just over two weeks ago, I had one of those bad days. One of those where I walk around at once very tired, and also kind of tense. As if I am about to fall asleep and holding my breath at the same time.

Rather than attempt to blame pressure, difficult questions turning around in my head, or other classics somewhat outside of reach for immediate action, I decided it was time for a break from coffee.

I have taken those before, but it was a long time since I last took one. If anything, I have only become a more regular coffee drinker over the years, so whenever I take a break I wonder if this will be the time I have to deal with those headaches and other withdrawal symptoms other people talk about.

The first day, I was possibly on the edge of a headache sometime in the afternoon, but the overwhelming feeling was one of relaxed tiredness. The difference to the tense tiredness of the day before was clear, as if a weight had been lifted off of my chest.

I also did not feel like having any coffee. That makes everything easier.

So I have kept going. The real surprise is not that I can do it in itself, but that I have not really felt like having a coffee at any point so far. Good coffee is pretty much a button press away at any point of any day, so if I did get the urge I could act on it instantaneously. But no, not even when making coffee for others have I felt the urge to pour myself a cup as well.

Sadly, I also have not had my regular coffee break experience of finding that coffee smells a lot better when I am not having it. I kind of enjoy that one.

I do not expect this to last forever, but perhaps my breaks will be a bit more frequent in the future?

Did you know?

It is completely okay, good even, to just not do stuff all the time.

Hard to believe how often I have to rediscover that.

Simple story

Podcast Chapters is back to being straight up for pay. Up front, no in-app unlocking of anything. My previous adjustments made no difference, so now I am back to the ways of Olde to see if sales eventually come back too. Fingers crossed, and some more improvements are being considered.

I got a very nice email from another user of the app too. Podcast creators are such a nice lot!