Brütal M1

I love Brütal legend. Perhaps more as an experience than as a game. I got frustrated with the game and eventually gave up at a stage battle where the challenge just did not feel fun anymore. But I love everything else: the world, the characters, the design, the attitude, and of course all the awesome music.

So when I got my M1 Mac mini and fired up Steam, I was excited and surprised to find out that the game seemed to be compatible. Brütal legend is getting old, but there it was, listed as playable.

I installed, launched, and was greeted by less than one frame per second, even in the introduction video, accompanied by impossibly choppy sound. No point in even launching the game proper when even the menu is unplayable.

Tonight, a couple of OS and Steam updates later, I for some reason decided to give it another go. I am not sure what, but something has clearly changed. The game now runs, smoothly (even if I could bring it down by cranking up the visuals), and it looks and sounds just as fantastic as always.

All I needed now was worthy equipment.

The Gods of Metal do not take kindly to trackpads, let me tell you. And that fancy-schmanzy little heavily customized keyboard? We do not pay much attention to those.

The trackpad embarrassment was quickly redeemed. I knew exactly where my trusty Intellimouse was. Keyboards where harder though. I dug through some drawers and boxes finding nothing truly worthy.

Then I looked up and saw it, patiently waiting like a beige Excalibur on its stand on the top shelf.


Brütal legend, on M1 Mac mini with Intellimouse and Apple extended keyboard Brütal legend, on M1 Mac mini with Intellimouse and Apple extended keyboard