I bought Tetris effect a second time

Depending on your point of view, the surprise will either be that I did so, or that I actually hesitated a few moments before doing so.

The cause of hesitation? The controls. Together, the two Quest controllers have all the necessary buttons. The controls are as identical to the Playstation as can be. The crucial thing lacking is the digital cross of the Playstation controller. Without it, you have to use the left analog joystick to move and drop pieces, and that can never be quite as precise as having distinct buttons for each direction.

Nor, it turns out, as comfortable. Toward the end of a long-ish session, something about my grip had shifted ever so slightly and I suddenly found it more difficult to drop pieces exactly when and where I wanted, and easier to do so by accident. Even before that point, I was definitely making a few more mistakes than on the Playstation. I also noticed my thumb feeling a little bit tired.

Tetris is best with digital controls, that is for sure. But this is not a game breaker, I imagine I can get used to the analog controls enough to suddenly have sunk surpirsing amounts of time into Tetris on the Quest. There is also hope in that the game supports game pads out of the box. I connected one of my Dual shocks and found it to work extremely poorly, but my Quest ran out of battery and shut down only minutes later so that could be a factor too. Plus pairing of Bluetooth devices is still labeled as experimental, so who knows. With all the stuff being added and adjusted on the Quest, I have high hopes for great controller support going forward.

Controllers or not, how could I not like having the vibrant joy of Tetris effect anywhere? The colors feel warmer, and everything feels a bit smoother and sharper than on the Playstation. I have not played wearing headphones yet, but I assume sound immersion will be just the same when I do.

I foresee needing to charge the Quest more often going forward. Battery packs, anyone?