Post-podcast Monday

I spent the weekend in the distant north, recording episode 200 of Björeman // Melin, digging through a lot of cool gadgets, and having a few drinks in the process. The episode is epic in length, but all edited and ready. Unfortunately, the whole infrastructure powering the podcast kind of collapsed onto itself the day after recording (which on the other hand went off without a hitch), so actual publication might be a while longer. You should have been there as it happened.

I got a nice little retro memory with me back home:

Mac OS X 10.2 box Mac OS X 10.2 box

Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar" was the first version of OS X that entered my family, my first taste of that lickable Aqua interface, the starting point of the thought that maybe, just maybe, my computing life would not be all Windows PC:s.

Personally, I could have lived with that furry X being the logo of the OS for a lot longer. Panther was better at everything, but the X was all metal and business.

Side view of the Mac OS X 10.2 box Side view of the Mac OS X 10.2 box

Remember when Java was a feature?

If not, you did not miss out.

(I was also forced into accepting a Mighty mouse. I will use it to scare future generations.)

Really, I am still recovering from the weekend. Travel and good times take their toll, but I also managed to get a new minor version of Podcast Chapters out, fixing a crash bug which made affected users unable to save their podcast. There is more work to do around that code (having to do with the reading and writing of comments), but not crashing feels like a good thing to do while I make the code as nice as I want it to be.

Once again, I have been humbled and encouraged by just how nice and helpful the users of Podcast Chapters actually are. Thank you all, again!

While testing, I discovered Macos has become even more podcast-metadata aware lately: when I hit spacebar on my exported MP3 to listen using Quicklook, the playback controls include a chapter button on the right-hand side! Pretty darn cool. Comment text shows up in Finder info dialogs, too.

ID3 metadata: it is a thing. I happen to have an app to sell if you want more of that …