An all-Swift production

Ever since I was given the opportunity to adpot Podcast Chapters about a year ago, I have been working to make the code my own.

This has meant everything from small rewrites plainly for my own understanding to removing external dependencies and writing the required parts of them myself.

I am now nearing a fun milestone: the next update of the app is likely to be all Swift. That feels like a nice milestone, but it is more like the cheerful face of the actual important change.

The actual important change is that I will have a single coherent (well, at least once I clean up my own thoughts a bit more) engine for reading and writing all the ID3 information Podcast Chapters is all about. One engine which I, theoretically, know every in and out of. This should make it easier for me to make further changes and updates, and also pave the way for some exciting experiments in the future.

I have a rather long list of things I would like to try in the app, and not being all Swift felt more like an annoying hindrance the more I thought about it.

My mind is of course likely to generate some new annoying hindrance sooner rather than later, but for now, at least, I feel like the next thing I will start in the app will be one of those exciting new features.