Joy sparker of the day

Symfonisk speaker Symfonisk speaker

No, not the alien queen.

Well, okay, her too. She's not the major or the most recent thing though.

I mean the speaker.

I am not all that good at remembering to listen to music, and even less good at doing so through speakers. Working from home is a great opportunity to get better at both though. And I guess I am fresh enough to the concept of nice wireless speakers that putting one in the corner of a room, connecting a single power cable and then just telling Spotify to use it still retains some charm in itself.

We have had a few Sonos speakers for a long while, but somehow this Symfonisk currently makes me happier than either of the others. Perhaps it is simply the most recent addition. Perhaps because it does not yet have a more fixed place of its own so that it feels more natural to move it around. Whatever the reason, I have had Hacker's coffee and other random music playing for most of the day, and I currently feel tempted to sneak some Symfonisk into at least two more rooms.

I may not be able to be in more than one place at once, but … at least my music can be … ?

(All this is despite the fact that the speaker has not played all that well with the rest of the Sonos system in the few tests we have performed. It has dropped out like it had a glitchy cable sometimes when we have played to a group of speakers. Today, used alone, it has been rock solid though, so who knows. Perhaps an audiophile passed by and caused interference the last time?)