Second run experience

I went for my second run this year today. The sun was shining wonderfully, and the chilling wind was only able to reach me during the shorter parts in the beginning and end where I was not in the forest. I have not by far explored all my running options here. I am, for example, pretty certain I have not found the quickest way to get from home and to an actual forest trail. I have, however, found a convenient way to do so, and I have also found a running route which I can easily extend to any distance I like.

Funnily enough, that convenient route is probably at least as long as the quickest route I had to the forest before we moved, but somehow it feels easier and more natural to go from here. The ease of extending the route also might be helping me get back to longer runs - I have extended it slightly each time, and a half-marathon distance is already starting to feel quite within reach.

It sure feels nice to get home feeling that certain tiredness from a long run, especially when the day allows for pulling a chair into a sunny and protected corner for a short rest before heading indoors to shower.

This new route is probably my hilliest yet. I begin at almost the lowest point, go down to the very lowest point within the first kilometer, and then it is pretty much all uphill for many kilometers. I think that might actually work to my advantage mentally, because whenever I decide to turn back toward home I know I have already done the vast majority of the hard work.

In other news

Two 40% keyboards, one split Two 40% keyboards, one split

I have more small keyboards, more keycaps, and more soldering experience than ever before. More on that later.

(No idea what that garbled look over on the right is, but I have seen another Iphone near me produce a similar thing. Bugs? Bad camera circumstances? Bit rot?)