Exercise finished?

The watch asks if my exercise is over.

Foolish gadget, I just moved into a house.

My exercise will not ever be over.

One of the advantages of moving is a lot more space. And what is the natural thing to do when I find myself in a pretty empty room with a few minutes to spare?

Play a round of Beat saber, of course.

More space to move without worry turns out to make the game even more fun, to a degree I had not anticipated at all. I usually stand pretty still when playing, but the game does of course track my movement. When you start to move your feet and arms more freely, it becomes even more of a fun dance (and a even better workout), but it struck me that the ability to take a step backward has a major gameplay impact. Suddenly, I can gain some extra tenths of a second to hit the next blocks by moving backward. That extra little bit of flexibility is just fantastic in the difference it makes.

A lot of this might of course be entirely in my head, effects of being able to move more and simply have more fun. But I have set new personal records on every song I have tried, so I imagine there is an actual benefit too.

Good times!

I have not had the time to try Robo recall yet, but I imagine the increase in fun factor is as great or even greater there.

(I also have the final episode of Vader immortal waiting for me, for some rainy day like this were we are not busy relaxing on the couch, enjoying the patter of rain drops on the windows and the wind rustling the trees.)