Murderly Breathly

I had a very short dream sequence last night (it might have been a news headline flashing by) in which the police was looking for a suspect named Murderly Breathly.

If they catch and convict Murderly, I think it would be fair to place some part of the blame on the parents.

Sleep tracking

Speaking of dreams, I won a Fitbit versa in a giveaway a couple of months back. It is Fitbit's smart watch-type fitness tracker, but I have at no point felt the urge to wear it instead of my Apple watch. However, after hearing Merlin Mann discuss tracking his sleep with various Fitbits I was very curious to use it for tracking my sleep.

And so, I have since the end of May been in the deeply silly situation of having a day watch and a night watch.

No, I would not have paid for this. Probably not.

Anyway, the Fitbit does track sleep, no user interaction required. I put it on when I go to bed, take it off when I get up, and check collected data on my phone. (And charge once a week or less. Long live proper battery life.) You get nice charts for your sleep levels (split into awake, REM, light and deep sleep) each night, as well as comparison with your 30-day average or people of your gender and age.

So far, results are pretty unexciting: I sleep about as poorly as I thought I did, but I fall mostly within normal ranges. Things do not seem to change much between work days and holidays either: I tend to get more sleep when no alarm is set, but the split between sleep levels are about the same.

Guess that is who I am.

I do wonder if I could make significant changes to my sleep. For example, would a completely dark and silent room at just the right temperature give me a notably different night's sleep? Or cutting out caffeine? Eating earlier or later? I do see how people get into tracking even more factors, but I do not feel an urge to get there yet. I will keep collecting data though, and it would be fun if a completely special night turned up somewhere along the line.