Macbook out

So Apple stopped selling the Macbook. The one-ported, fanless computer which was also first with everyone's favorite too-thin-for-its-own-good-keyboard. The computer on which I happen to be typing this.

Strange, really. I bought this machine pretty much as soon as I could, and it has been my main personal computer ever since. My first-generation machine lasted all through the life of the entire product line, as it were. I had a short period of one key being wonky, but other than that I have not had a single problem. It has been chugging along through many, many podcast recordings and even more editing sessions.

MP3 encoding must rank unusually high among this machine's total CPU cycle usage.

I have rarely missed additional ports, seeing it as more of a challenge and finding that I rarely need to plug things (especially more than one thing) in when away from my own desk. A more common wish has been for that port to be more powerful, like a proper thunderbolt port, so that I could connect more things more reliably when working through a dock or other hub-like thing. That could also have meant me buying a 4K monitor years ago, so perhaps my wallet is secretly grateful …

Yes, I want a faster machine sometimes. Most often when encoding those long podcast files.

But I am still completely in love with the size, weight, and complete silence of this machine. Every other computer feels like a battleship next to it, and sometimes sound like one as well.

When the time comes to replace this machine, I have a very hard time seeing the replacement being anything but the smallest and lightest laptop Apple makes at the time. If I am to own a laptop, I want it to shine at being easy to take with me. So if it broke down today, a Macbook air would be the obvious choice.

Perhaps more interesting to think about is what would happen if I decided I could stick with an Ipad for portable needs. Suddenly, a whole new world of questions would open up about which kind of desktop Mac would be best, or most fun, for my needs.

No, it would not be a Mac pro. But both the modern Mac minis and plenty of Imacs are definitely within the reasonable-if-you-squint-range.

I will drink one up (pour one out? Around a computer? Are you out of your mind?) for the Macbook adorable. It is a great thing the whole Mac lineup feels exciting again.