Inbox zeroes

Christmas was really good. New year's eve was great.

It took, more or less, all of the past week to recover. I feel a lot more prepared to start this coming week than the one just wrapping up. The todo lists are somewhat back in sync, running projects are starting to feel like they are moving again. That spirit of starting a bit fresh is in the air, drifting between the bits and bytes of everyday life.

I think I have managed to start the year checking Facebook somewhat less often as well, which is all good. My reflexive rotation right now is Twitter, Instagram and Discord. Uh, and Slack of course, but enough goes on there that it bleeds out of reflexve checking and more into the flow of going about my day. Especially at work. But I am better at not checking Slack as well, I turned off notifications and badges a while ago and can come back to an unexpected number of unreads which completely fails to stress me.

I think I am at or near inbox zero. For email, I am definitely there. There are tons of read messages hanging around in my mail inboxes, but the mental weight is zero. Nothing is lost, nothing is anxiously being waited for, and nothing needs to be sorted into neat piles.

The feeling of starting fresh is greatly helped by work moving into a new office just before Christmas. Desks have been set up and most boxes unpacked, so there is both a sense of being settled in enough to be comfortable, and that sense of everything being just slightly up in the air, new and exciting. People mix differently, and until inevitable annoyances are discovered it is just fun to find out how that changes dynamics and information flows. I have not yet felt the need to lock myself away in a conference room or home office, so thumbs up for that as well.

(We also have roughly a million places to go for lunch within walking distance, so give a shout if you happen to be in central Gothenburg around lunch time.)

Writing music: Shadow spirits, vol. 1.