My reward for a good day’s work: diving into Tetris effect while setting getting my old Mac mini up and running to serve as a kind of Photos library server.

A while ago, I dragged my Photos and Itunes libraries across the network to my Synology, and the little use I have made of them since then has basically been slow and unreliable. After getting some sense talked into me by Joacim last night, I decided it was time to move them to a real Mac again. So off I went, connecting cables, installing umpteen updates and realizing I can not update that old box to Mojave. Which does not really matter except I ran Mojave Photos with that library on the Synology, and so now had a big bundle of Could Not Be Opened sitting on the drive.

Fortunately, I have not done much of anything of photo management, tagging, starring or the like. I had no metadata to lose. So I right-clicked the Photos library bundle, chose to show package contents (bundles are just folders with a flag set), crossed my fingers and dragged the folder "Masters" to Photos.

It went surprisingly well, and surprisingly fast. Photos chewed a while, but happily opened the import section, offered to import everything and even managed to detect lots of things as ignorable duplicates of what it alrady had (I clearly left the library intact on the Mini after I moved a copy to the Synology, something I had no recollection of). I think I have not lost a single photo in the process, and, as a bonus, I did some shuffling around of hardware and may have found a better corner to stuff the Synology and that Mac in, as well as the beginnings of a nicer routing of network cables.

(Yes, I like network cables for some things. Yes, I am old. But the difference is often noticeable.)

I guess I might as well put the Itunes library back too. Then again, I never really use it anymore.

(I treated myself to a solid round of Astro bot as well. This is what Nintendo would make if they had a VR system. So good, so much fun.)