Home screening

Jocke and I (along with the rest of the world) have been discussing social media and the negative habits we form around it for a while. Jocke has removed all the social apps from his phone and I sort of want to decrease my use even more as well.

Then I read Rands writings about his phone home screen. Finding some sort of inspiration in the empty spot he kept on the bottom-right, I took a long hard look at my own home screen. Then I shuffled it around, and now I am not quite sure where anything is anymore.

Iphone home screen, February 2018 edition Iphone home screen, February 2018 edition

It is all new and interesting and I think I am on a nice track, but this surely is not the final layout. I really like having empty space, but it is super annoying that it has to be in the most reachable spots on the screen. I may well end up re-filling the screen just to make things more reachable.

I have almost always been a Facebook-in-the-browser-user, so I could not tuck it away any more than I already had. Instagram and Tweetbot, however, got moved into the second page of the "Resten" folder, and I do think that has helped put them somewhat farther out of mind. (Discord being visible is kind of nice, I have so few interactions there it does not feel like a lure yet.)

Next moves

Despite all this purging, there are still some apps which need to defend their spot, the pair of Photos and Google photos being the ones who should worry the most. Google maps is also something of a question mark, getting to stay mainly because when I am on the move and do need a map it is good to have it as close by as possible. Most days, though, it could easily live deep inside a folder. Having my banking app that close at hand feels a bit superfluous too, now that I think about it …

And the clock app? How often do I really adjust my alarms, and am I ever in a rush to do so? Hardly.

Out of the social

Of course, the real trick is not to just put the distractions away, but to fill their moments with better things. Replacing a smoking habit with a drinking problem would kind of suck, but the last time Jocke and I talked about this it struck me that longer form reading is what I should try. Instapaper has always been on my home screen, but I have plenty of things worthy of attention inside of Ibooks as well (and I regularly rediscover how easy it is to send new reading material there these days).

Making grand promises is not my style, but this seems like a path worth pursuing and the first few days have been nice.