I watched this Youtube video, and it ate my evening!

I like to think that I enjoy going into new media blind. The less I know, the more open I will be to see what the film or game or book is about in itself, free from the perceptions of others. Makes sense, right?

Still, there are times when a good introduction makes all the difference in the world.

A friend told me of Warframe the other day, a free to play action and loot collection game which sounded very well made and totally outside of my area of interest. I do not want my games built to try and get me to spend money to progress. I am not appealed by games built around grinding and progress with no clear goal. I am all about focused experiences with good stories. Right?

Then my friend sent me this video, presenting itself as a review of the game as it stands in 2017. Warframe has been out for a copule of years and constantly updated, so the point in time is relevant.

I sat down to watch, and I think it is one of the best reviews I have ever seen. The reason is that it took a game and even game type I am reflexively very hesitant about, explained what said game is all about, how you can think about it and made me see that I could probably find a lot of entertainment in it. In short: it was an introduction which might as well have been custom-made for me.

After watching I downloaded the game (watching the progress bar very patiently) and happily sank most of the rest of the evening demolishing hordes of enemies and collecting loot in procedurally generated levels, accompanied by total strangers.

Funny how evenings go sometimes.