Back in time

One luxury of our modern lifestyle is to be able to go back home at age 37 and feel that little has changed. In reality, plenty has changed and keeps on changing, but not enough to break the feeling. I find it almost silly how much visiting my parents for a couple of days makes me unwind. The last line of imaginary "shoulds" melt away, leaving me that much more relaxed and present than the previous holiday weeks.

Surely I should be able to relax in the same way in my own home?

Perhaps that is the next step in personal growth?

It seems natural that the challenge is a bit greater when at home, just because there are so many day-to-day activities associated with being home, but that just brings even more benefit to succeeding. I did well in not rushing out of bed this morning, but I have put some amount of things on my want-to-do-list for the day. Most of them are already completed though, so points again there.

Keep a mild groove on.