Ran over

After the great joy that was running on Saturday, I had to restrain myself somewhat to wait until today with the next run. A sudden outbreak of winter helped, and because of it I spent my lunch break on a treadmill instead of outdoors. Being on a treadmill has never been much of a runner's high (or, to be honest, any kind of high) for me, but the joy of my whole body being up for running again was just as clear as the first time.

I did make one of my classic beginner mistakes though: the long break from running and the even longer break from treadmill running made me forget how much friction can be generated between shoes and feet during even a short run. I now have a few blisters to take care of. The upside is they ensure I will not be tempted to run next time I exercise.

Not without socks anyway …

Networking, pod

Lazy flakes of snow are drifting through the air as I type this sitting in my window. Tonight I'll participate in the first of the week's four scheduled podcast recordings. Two are to be released soon, the other two are for an as of yet unannounced podcast and constitute some fun widening of my podcasting views and skills. One of them is even a re-recording, as my co-host felt we could do even better on the topic with some more planning. I tend to think of each episode as more of an in-the-moment performance where learning is by creating new episodes rather than trying to polish a topic by re-recording. That mindset works for me, but because of that I think I may have something to learn by re-trying an episode for once. There has to be something valuable to pick up in the exercise, and I fully expect it to turn out completely different than any guess I might make. Great times!

Networking, Playstation

I have been subscribing to Playstation network ever since someone made me try Destiny a few months ago. Being the mainly offline gamer that I am, I was surprised to find myself getting so much value out of the service, mainly in the form of all the fun games they give away every month. It started with This war of mine and the remaster of Day of the tentacle, two games I fully intended to buy when my current games were finished (or given up on). Now, I go in each month and download all the offerings right away. Sort of obsessive collecting, to be sure.

Today, after listening to En podd om teknik (highly recommended if you understand Swedish and have an interest in tech news and opinions) I went in and simplified my subscriptions by updating from a quarterly to a yearly Playstation network subscription.

Yep, this is how they get you. Another eel attached.

This is how they get you.

Networking, transportation

I got my second Queal delivery, and boy did they deliver this time. Or, to be specific, Postnord did. I noticed when I got the shipment notification email that a different carrier was used than last time. The changes clearly stretched the final distance into Sweden as well, because instead of receiving a delivery notice to pick up my large box at the nearest service point (possibly two minutes walk door to door), the box was waiting right outside my door. I know the postmen have the code to the gate, but I never expected them to bring a box that large to said gate, even less that they would carry it up four flights of stairs.

Hats off, Postnord, hats off!