I am dumb, Octa are great

So I managed to break my Spider monkey. To be specific, the claw grip system which is the Spider cracked in one place after I had inserted and removed my Ipad pro a couple of times. In the process of trying to figure out what had happened and if there was anything I could learn (better insertion technique for the Ipad, for example), I emailed Octa support.

What turned out over a couple of very nice exchanges was that this was a classic problem of problem existing between keyboard and chair: there are two Spider sizes, the larger one of which fits the large Ipad pro. I had read and thought too little, and so ended up buying a Spider monkey with the smaller Spider.

Octa support actually expressed some amazement that I had got it to fit at all.

I thanked them, smiled and shook my head at my own mistake. Then I started looking for a larger Spider and was a little bit dismayed that it seemed hard to find in Europe. Shipping from the USA would be relatively steep, but on the other hand it would be totally worth it to get an even better Ipad experience (both a better fit and a much easier insertion and removal process).

Then, out of the blue, Octa mailed back again. They had asked about photos of my Spider and the Ipad, and in providing that I had sent them a link to my first text. They loved the page and offered to send me a Lynx, including the larger Spider.

Just like that.

So now I feel excited, happy and more than a bit silly.

In no way did I deserve this.

(In fact, it all feels a bit weird. Writing it down makes it feel a little weirder. Which, I think, means it is a good way to process this.)

But thanks again, Octa, for the great customer service.