I went to the rapture

It took me perhaps five hours over two evenings to finish Everybody's gone to the rapture. It was a fantastic experience I would recommend to all but the very most impatient and action-oriented gamers. Gamers who play very little or do not consider themselves "real" gamers are very much included, and may be even better prepared to enjoy this game than those self-identifying as gamers. Everybody's gone to the rapture is an experience you take in by traversing, taking as much time as you want to absorb it. Critical voices label it a "walking simulator" and may argue it is not a "proper" game because it has too little gameplay. I could agree with "walking simulator" if that label could be applied with a positive connotation, but I completely disagree that there is too little gameplay. Everybody's gone to the rapture is built to be experienced by playing, by player interaction with the game world. The story could not be told nearly as well in any other medium.

I remembered nothing about the game, other than a vague recollection of praise, when I started to play, and I think that is an excellent way to come to it. I will not spoil anything here, but I was grabbed almost immediately and was hooked all the way through. The game is incredibly, calmly beautiful in sound and music as well as in visuals. A lot of the beauty is connected to light, and I think the thing which hooked me was when early on the time of day shifted for the very first time. The light changed and shadows flowed just like they do in timelapse films, only while I was moving through the world.

Just incredible.

And the music, wow. I need to go listen to the soundtrack.

Good media experiences are ones to keep thinking about afterward. I think Everybody's gone to the rapture will resurface in my thoughts regularly for a very long time.