If only the youth …

I feel numbed by the election result. The most cheerful association I can come up with: What comes next? I have been in a number of good discussions, so there is always something. Please let us not make things worse from here.

One thing, bound to come up, was result maps if only millennials had voted. That map is a sea of blue, a stark contrast to the very red map you get with all age groups mixed in. It is easy to look at that and think "wow, the world will be a different place when all the old people are out of the system". I am sure someone has done the research I would love to see: how the older age groups voted when they were the age of today's millennials. That is: do you on average get more Republican with age, or is it a generational thing?

Side note: in Sweden the conservatives usually get the blue color. This setup feels weird.

Oh well. Time, I think, for some mulled wine, go on thinking constructive thoughts and try to do constructive things in the world.