The domains of my domains

As I was recording the evening's first podcast, the second one unexpectedly fell off the schedule. To fill up the mental space, my mind latched on to the task of reneving some expiring domains. A year ago, I had no .se domain names, but then I picked up three, in rapid succession and through two different companies. First I headed over to Name ISP and renewed the sole domain there. It was a nice and simple process, the only little oddity being that they offered multi-year renewals without any discount whatsoever. Not that it said "X years at 162,5 crowns each", no, you of course had to count for yourself. I expected a small discount but found none, so I went with a one-year renewal and headed over to FS data to renew the other two domains.

Not only had FS data simplified the process even further, having the courage to make their site simple instead of trying to give a technical impression, they also charged 124 crowns. Not a lot of money in either case, but why pay almost 25% more?

I knew you can transfer domains, but I expected it to be a slightly tricky process, possibly involving some kind of double-confirmation and entering of arcane numbers somewhere. Happily, I was wrong. I clicked one button over at Name ISP to get an authentication code, then created a support request to transfer the domain over at FS data, a process they described in detail and which involved filling out … about four form fields with completely normal human language, plus authentication code.

Great stuff FS data! I hope you still make money with those low prices, because you deserve to when everything feels so quick and simple.