… and back again

Another weekend well spent, clearly indicated by just how distant Friday afternoon, or even Saturday morning, feels.

Soups, coffees, drinks, walks, podcasts and so many good people. Apartments and cats and views. All wrapped in cool October winds and leaves.

In one way it feels much to early to go home already. On the other, perhaps this is perfect. Two days full without being stressful, no feeling of unnecessary downtime and no time for any type of reality to set in. Lund and Malmö remain firmly relaxing, almost slightly magical places where I step off the train and change into a slightly more relaxed, perhaps holiday-like, mindset. Autumn has advanced just a little less, the landscape is a bit flatter, the buses are greener, and the dialect feels like coming home. I lived there for five years and felt ready for something different when I moved, but there is an undeniable welcoming familiarity every time I come back.

I suppose I am pouring some amount of nostalgia on top too, all the positive associations of my first big move, my first new cities to live in and all the people I met and still know. It retains its magic, even when it is as close as a three hour train ride. I am heading back to reality over here, over there, at the opposite end of the tracks, are all the simple things; the people, the coffee breaks, the buildings, cars and buses where I feel less need to maintain streaks and check Twitter all the time.

The magical real world.

Better stop now, before this becomes even more sappy. I probably need some rest as well.


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