I missed an appointment today. I guess the switching between various phones recently made the idea of setting a reminder fall right out of my mind. Whatever the reason, a few minutes to nine in the morning I was reminded of a meeting and realized there was vaccination shot I should have showed up for 45 minutes earlier.

Now, the thing about this which really made me sigh was the thought of extra interactions with primary care.

One does not simply walk into primary care.

Not if one does not enjoy waiting in lines of extremely uncertain length. Also: calling or waiting to be called. But I picked myself up, signed into the right web site and submitted a request for an appointment. To my surprise, the phone rang just an hour later. Even more shocking, I got a new appointment only two hours later.

The actual administration of the shot was as professional, efficient and nice as the first time. But this being mid-day, there was a bunch of waiting in line to do. They have this nice process where you first line up to say you are there and get told where to go and wait. This line brought me from early for my appointment to just in time. Oh, and they require an ID and hold on to it while you are there. I can think of reasons, but surely there is an alternative where you do not make yourself look like you consider all customers a criminal? Anyway, once your appointment is taken care of, you line up again to pay and get your ID back.

My cynical side first thought this felt like a Soviet system of taking care of people. Then it occured to me that the major difference probably was that in Soviet I would not have had to pay.

Summary: great actual health care, gently dehumanizing system.

My one remaining question is this: will I have any dreams about missing appointments now? I dream every now and then of missing trains and planes even though that has never actually happened, so what kind of ripples might an actual miss cause?

Brains, anyone?

After releasing this week's Kodsnack, I got some feedback concerning not only the sound but also the length. I now feel sorely tempted to warn that well-meaning person of the episode of Den makalösa I just released. In it, we discuss zombies, zombie films in particular. Quite thoroughly, quite extensively. The episode runs two hours, thirty seven minutes and fifty seconds.

But hey, the voices are really clear and there is no background noise!

The Kodsnack episode has done surprisingly well download-wise. As always, I become curious if it has been linked or mentioned some place out of the ordinary or if it is just some random event. It is a very nice mystery in any case, and it was great fun to tell Erik just how many times his thoughts had been downloaded in the first 24 hours.

With the publication of Den makalösa, my podcast publishing for the week is officially finished. Time to relax, because tomorrow we record next week's Kodsnack …