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The darned thing about being social is that whenever I make an effort and get a bit better at it, people all of a sudden get social back at unexpected times. This is probably a clear indicator of where I sit on the introvert - extrovert line, where even nice and interesting conversations can simultaneously feel like an interruption from whatever thing I had in mind to be doing at the moment.

That feeling, by the way, has nothing to do with my planning. Planning helps me catch things, sort them and get them done, the feeling of interruption is the same no matter if it is something I had been planning for weeks or something I thought of seconds before the interruption occured.

I am smiling as I write this. Both at myself for the way I react, and at the luxury it is to be "interrupted" by really nice people with really nice discussions.

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Fearing to let it wait, I pushed through editing last night's Björeman // Melin right after work. The darned thing about editing a hundred minutes of podcast is that you tend to finish it surprisingly late in the evening. It should be out soon, and I think people will like it. It has a very marked difference to all previous episodes and a lot of free-flowing discussion on geeky topics as always.

For the first time in a while, I did the editing on my Macbook. Thus, I had reason to crank up the resolution of the screen. I mostly do writing, browsing and the like on that machine, and that is just wonderful to do at the lowest resolution. That one is actually the "native" 2x resolution of the screen, and it makes everything wonderfully large and smooth, as lean-back-friendly as a 12 inch laptop screen can ever get. (A fun side effect is that some websites kick me over to their mobile design.) But for a task like podcast editing, I really like having the extra space. I still marvel a little when I crank up the resolution and rediscover that the screen has pixels small and numerous enough to easily get away with scaling while still looking wonderful. Up the resolution went and trough the pod I hastened.

My last goal for the evening - or the reward for getting the other things done - is acutally to play Inside. Not only does it seem to be a great game, I have two podcasts in the queue which discuss the game. So no two ways about it: i need to play it soon. Between that screen and the one of the Macbook, I wanted to write a bit and give myself at least a little bit of a change of scenery. Therefore, this is being written in Editorial on the i bought a pad pro using my K811 keyboard. This setup, too, is something of a rediscovery. I remember how much I enjoyed writing like this on my Ipad mini, and the larger screen only makes it feel nicer.

Accessory: a small pot of green chai. Not bad, not bad at all.

(I sort of wanted to work the phone into the story as well, but it only played the part of podcast source during breaks.)

(This was good. I looked through the text, then headed out to the home screen. I stared for a few seconds at the grid of icons, then realized I felt no urge to check Twitter. Or my mail. Or refresh Facebook.)