I got distracted

Distracted Distracted

The sea, the sun, the wind, coffee, and good company.

Also, some pretty decent bicycle rides. For a weekend where I consciously skipped exercise I have been surprisingly active. And felt good about it, happily.

Writing this while sitting down for a late dinner, I start to suspect the weekend will have no room for the 60 gigabytes of games I suddenly purchased yesterday.

Oh well, no harm in having good things in store, I suppose.

Page pushing

I have done some more gentle design adjustments to this site. Some widths are adjusted. The widest images now go edge to edge in the main content area, headlines are aligned with paragraph text and there is even some more color on the start page. The whole layout has also become a bit more responsive to width changes. I sat around happily resizing my browser window, noticing how nicely everything flowed. Then I realized only a few of the probably few people who visit using a desktop browser will ever notice this. Modern browsing is mobile browsing, and there is precious little resizing going on there. Sure, portrait to landscape, and perhaps a split-screen here and there, but it occured to me mobile browsing generally means one set width per user-device.

Two months of posts

I almost feel it is a bad idea to even mention this, but I wrote it down in the plan many days in advance. A plan is a plan, how can I argue with that?

Anyway, the interesting side is if and how my writing changes. And in that area, the most recent exercise I did was finishing and lining up posts for several consecutive days. Making a list of topics and then writing about each of them was definitely a fun and rewarding exercise.

The downside were the days where I just pushed the button to send out already written things. They created a break after which noticeably more energy was required to start the next post. Part of the reason I lined up posts in advance was that I had little time to write, but even if I did not finish anything it had probably been good for my mental flow to start on some thoughts in the little breaks I did have.

What comes next? Whatever it is, I will not mind if it contains more distractions like this.