The weekend is rolling in. Eyes are heavy, throat just a little bit sore, the pod is exporting.

There are also fans running, loudly too. I dragged all available computers into Sierra the other day. Since then, the poor Mac mini has had one core completely dedicated to Photos scanning through its library, creating memories and albums, detetcing cows and whatever else it does.

All good stuff, and I am looking forward to the results. I like those I have seen already.

But I am also kind of looking forward to the mini going back to its usual silent self.

And on the photo front, my appreciation of my new cameraslashphone keeps on growing. Having some optical zoom is awesome, but the low-light skills of the phone keep amazing me in a whole different way.

Autumny bicycle path Autumny bicycle path

This is last night at about 22:45. I am not sure what to say or think, apart from "have I now been ruined on all previous and current phone camera options?"

Up second is that fancy new portrait mode. The phone got the beta enabling the mode while I was having breakfast. (My Ipad, which has no clear use of that update whatsoever, got the beta last night. I think Apple was subtly trolling me.) I have yet to snap a really fantastic image with it, but I am already having fun playing around.

I am Groot I am Groot

I am Groot.

Someone made me think about the design of this site again. We shall see if anything comes out of it …