List items

I have kept my writing on this site going pretty well recently. As with most things, it becomes easier the more I do it. Sometimes I feel like writing something and wonder what it should be. Regardless, words often started pouring out as soon as I sat down and broke the blank … uh, editor window. I have also started saving little ideas for coming texts. You know, to have something for inspiration and to encourage my mind to generate even more ideas.

Although I try pretty hard not to, I noticed I was coming up on a 50 day streak of posts.

So I thought "how hard would it be to come up with a list of fifty more subjects?"

Turns out: not all that hard. It took about an hour. Now, a few days later, I have written about and removed a couple of things.

The list is now 56 items long.

I have not calculated any statistics, and it might be healthier for me not to, but I am a little curious about average text length. I would not be all that surprised if it has gone up along with post frequency.

None of this, number of text, frequency, streaks or ideas for future texts are goals. They are all just fun side effects of me trying to get better at writing by doing more of it.

And having a great time at it, if that was not obvious by now.