Battleship incoming

I have resolved the phone problem. I did so in the most predictable way possible: by ordering a new Iphone. I am about to trade the compact, quirky and retro-lovable Pre 3 for another huge slab of glass and aluminium. And, to make the most of the change and maxmize the newness, I went plus.

For bonus silliness, I just got a pair of pants where I am pretty sure pocketing that phone will be out of the question, especially if points are awarded for comfort.

I did consider going plus for the same reasons of trying the new two years ago when the 6 came out. That time I got a non-plus through work and trying to exchange that for a plus just felt like a lot of work. This time, though, I am pouring my own money into the purchase, so nothing but the ache of my wallet stood in the way.

The single feature I look forward to the most is the camera, taking photos and, thanks to using such an old phone for a while, throwing them online quickly. After that comes seeing how a device of this size and power will fit into my life. Will it change how I do something? Will the screen size, battery life, pocketability or some other aspect turn out to make an unexpected difference? Always in motion the future is.

Head phonyness

After going through the rollercoaster of emotions/storm in a espresso cup with the rest of the Apple world at the thought of the headphone jack going awaw, I have finally come to realize that I was well on my way to the wireless mindset even before Apple added their push. The detachable cable was the most important feature of my current wired headphones, and now that I have heard about and seen several appealing wireless alternatives it seems unlikely I would go any other direction once they break down. I will want a pair I can connect and charge while using them, but walking around at home while leaving the playback device somewhere is such an obvious improvement I am almost annoyed I did not investigate more options before buying the current pair.

Retro shock of the day

Winamp 2. In Javascript. It even whips … sorry, supports, the original skin files. The Safari process crashes and restarts as soon as the demo mp3 finishes playing, but never mind that. This is too cool.